5 Must-Have Home Appliances in 2019

In 2019, the appliance world has changed. In fact, appliances have been developing year after year, century after century. This means that some of the favourite appliances you have are outdated.

This year, you should keep up with the pace. Enjoy the wonders of technology while you still live. Let your family and friends steal ideas from you. Below are 5 must-have home appliances in 2019:

1.Smart refrigerator.

The smart refrigerator should be on your must-have list already. This refrigerator comes with an inbuilt 15′ LCD screen. Through the LCD screen, you can surf the internet to get the best recipes for your family and TV in the kitchen while preparing meals. The LCD screen can also be used as a digital tablet; you can leave your family handwritten messages. Based on the model of the smart refrigerator you buy; some refrigerators will inventory the contents of the refrigerator and make a grocery list for you and amazingly send the list to the grocery shop.

2.Internet controlled refrigerator-oven.

Imagine that lazy evening from work? The internet-controlled refrigerator-oven is here for you. The refrigerator-oven can preserve food and cook it for you. The only thing left for you is serving. When the appliance is on refrigerator mode, it keeps your food nicely chilled. When the in-built timer activates the oven, your food is cooked. You can use your smartphone or internet to communicate with the gadget’s timer so that it can switch to refrigerator mode or the oven mode.

3.Barcode scanning microwave.

Do away with the guesswork when it comes to microwave cooking. The barcode scanning microwaves scan the barcode on the food’s package and can determine the type of food, the size and the brand. It can also tell the temperature to cook your food automatically. You will not have to do the guesswork. The barcode scanning microwave will prepare the food at the most appropriate temperatures.

4.Smart dishwasher.

Are you tired of waiting for the washer to finish washing your utensil so that you can add more utensils, the smart dishwasher is here. You can connect the smart dishwasher to your home network. The appliance will send an instant message, text message or bring a pop-up message on your TV screen when they are done the washing. You can also stop the machine using your laptop or smartphone.

5.Smart dry cleaner.

The smart dry cleaner is another must-have appliance you should have in 2019. Like the smart dishwasher, the smart dry cleaner machine saves you the trips to the laundry room and the stress of just standing there and waiting. They can be connected to the home Wi-Fi, therefore, alert you through messages when your clothes are done, and you can come to remove them. You can also turn the machine off using your smartphone or laptop when you are done.

The above are some of the home appliances you must have in 2019. They will genuinely amuse you by the way they function.